Squats a grinning frog still boozy on last night's moon, love in the jungle.

Squats a grinning frog
still boozy on last night’s moon,
love in the jungle.

Naturally, I have not ceased painting since I completed the what-became onerous series of 365 paintings.  I’m painting now with the option of spending the whole of my day in the garden and kitchen if I like and without the obligation of a daily post.  The painting of this little frog, for example, actually began with a drawing and was painted over the span of a couple of days; the haiku on a third day.  Ahhh, what a luxury of time….

In an attempt to buckle down to something, art-related that is, I dragged out boxes of old paintings and various frames with the intention of matching them together for a display at Yuletide.  Although I managed to cut myself on some glass, that’s the only serious result of that plan so far.  Meanwhile, I see no sense in deleting this blog to start up another to share the miscellaneous paintings I can’t seem to stop creating.  I will simply tack on addenda from time to time~at least until one or another grand scheme should occur to me.